The EZ-1 Full Kit - everything you need to get you started.


EZ-1 Features:  

Conventional style follow focus rotary control.

Joystick for variable speed power zoom or pan/tilt.

Focus and zoom memories with programmable transition speeds.

Multi operator wireless remote control via EZ-1 Android App.

Please note: The tablet shown in the photo is there to demonstrate the Android App and is not included in the kit for sale.

Single operator Local Control Mode:
Focus is adjusted using the follow focus knob and variable speed power zoom is controlled from the Y axis of the joystick.
Muli-operator Remote control mode:
All functions are controlled from an Android device running the EZ-1 Remote Control App.  Pan, Tilt and Roll can be controlled either from the on-screen controls or by using the tablet's built-in motion sensors to transfer tablet movements to the camera.

EZ-1 Android App. v1.0 Features:

Provides wireless remote control of the EZ1 control system.

Control Focus, Zoom, Iris, Pan ,Tilt and Roll via Bluetooth from your Android tablet or phone.

Large conventional style follow focus rotary control.

Variable speed and direct position zoom controls.

Focus and Zoom memories with programmable transition speeds.

Joystick for gimbal pan and tilt control.

Horizontal slider control for Aux1/roll.

Vertical slider control for Aux2/iris.

Pan,Tilt and Roll can also be controlled using motion sensors to track tablet/phone movements.

The EZ-1 Android App is free to download from the Google Play Store.

EZ-1 Full Kit (Discontinued)

  • 1x EZ1 Control Box + mounting brackets
    1x Joystick + mounting brackets
    1x Joystick connector lead                
    3x M-M Signal Extension leads 
    3x M-F Servo Extension leads
    2x 15mm Rod Servo brackets
    2x Hitec HS-5485HB Servos
    2x small (56-68mm) Lens Rings
    2x large (68-90mm) Lens Rings
    1x 46t Drive Gear
    2x 56t Drive Gears
    1x 65t Drive Gear
    1x 12v Li-ion Rechargable Battery Pack + Power lead
    1x Li-ion Battery Charger
    1x small bag of screws/washers etc.

    All brackets, lens rings and drive gears 3D printed in BLACK PLA (other colours available on request).